Thursday, April 26, 2012

Agent M's speaking!

Hello Everybody!

First, i want to introduce myself so you could know a glance about me. In this blog, i'm the one with Agent M initial name.

My real name is Melissa Dharmawan, you could call me Melissa. I'm graduated from University of Indonesia, Communication Major with advertising as a specialization. Starting from March 2012, i join media master trainee program ( MMT Batch 2 GroupM ) at GroupM Indonesia.

One month has passed by since day one, i feel so relieved and excited about media master program. Meeting with new friends, have lunch together at office's cafetaria, playing games, we really had a lot of fun together. Besides, we also learn about media investment, media planning and digital media in our classroom with our trainers from our office. Surely, it's a new thing for first jobbers like me, but in a way i feel alive and attracted by this training.


Agent M
MMT Batch 2 GroupM

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