Friday, April 27, 2012

Good morning from FA

Good morning :)

Now it's time for me, Agent FA to introduce myself as one of the contributor of this journal about the management trainee called MMT batch 2 GroupM.

I studied communication major in university, with special interest (minor) in advertising. I decided to join the MMT in GroupM because I have this big interest to digital media. Why digital media? Because I want to absorb the knowledge and become better and better in optimizing digital media, so in future if I need to promote something independently, I am able to use digital media as one essential platform to help the promotion :p

Well, but of course in this management trainee, we study media for overall :) because this company of GroupM is not just about digital, but also conventional media works, and personally I still think that they're interesting to be learned, too. In the end of this management trainee, we have a chance to pick the work we desire, but the trainers and HR personnel also have their chance to assigned us in work that match with our abilities.

There are still 2 months remaining and many sessions to be awaited, knowledge to be absorbed, and fun times to be experienced with the friends here. Quoting from one of our trainer, that we have to become 'media agnostic' during this management trainee, because it's not an industry about what is right or what is wrong, it is about logic.

Okay all, I hope my introduction and a little insertion about the management trainee or the MMT will be very useful hahaha.

See you in the next posts,


Agent FA,
MMT Batch 2 GroupM

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