Thursday, April 26, 2012

O for (not so) Ordinary!

Howdy fellas!

I'm agent O, one of the contributors in this blog. My real name is Oxyana Sara Virgizma. People says that my name is quite unique. I'm very grateful about it, and love it so much. Because I could tell and feel (well, probably hope) that I'm unique in my own way. And somehow the thought of it makes me feel special :D Buuttt...I prefer to be called Ochi, to avoid mispelled.

I'm a graduate student of Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB), majoring Food Science and Technology with minor in Communication. Due to campus recruitment, I was luckily selected to join the Management Trainee program in a world's largest media investment company, GroupM (MMT Batch 2 Group M). The program starts from April 3rd, 2012. At first I'm not sure what company GroupM was. But when the CEO of GroupM Indonesia--Mr. Edward Tsigher--explained about GroupM and the Management Trainee program, which is called Media Masters (MMT Batch 2 GroupM). Though it was just a glimpse, I had a feeling that this is the kind of job that I always wanted. A job that sounds fun to me!

And here I am. Joining another 24 people from different university. Trying to learn and understand the business, the office, and the people. It's almost 3 weeks now, and I feel excited. Because I able to learn new things, and these lessons are very interesting for me. And well, the thought of the payment is also interest me actually :p

You guys might have heard about management trainee in another company. Well, Media Masters is basically the same. It provides you 3 months in-class training, before you finally assigned in which agency you will work for. We're the MMT Batch 2 GroupM still have 2 months to go. Will the 25 of us survived till the assignment day? I hope so. So what will happen in another 2 months? This is something you should read by yourself!;)


Agent O
MMT Batch 2 Group M


  1. Hi agent O! Can't wait for the stories!:D

  2. O is for the Only one I see. :D *Kata Nat King Cole*

  3. Big shout out from Singapore.... you guys rock. Hope to see you again later in June... from #TheMysteriousBlunterHeadhunter @mobidextrous

  4. Thank you!We really happy that you read our blog!If you come here, don't hesitate to stop by, we'll be delighted to give you a free-tour!;D