Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Journal of Joy

Good day!
Welcome back to our sharing session about MMT Batch 2 Group M :) I am, Agent FA, one of this blog's contributors will sharing a little introduction about the management trainee we call Media Masters or in short the MMT.

MMT is a training for us who just accepted as trainee in the company of GroupM, Jakarta, Indonesia, a company of media investment in the industry of Advertising, Communication, and so on. The MMT itself will be held for 3 months, started on April 3rd 2012. We ourselves are the 2nd batch of this trainee and we already feel blissful to get in this training.

So, our 2nd batch is about to enter the 2nd month of MMT / Media Masters Training and we think that our experience here is worth to tell (well, that's what we thought ^^). We want share that it's not just another management trainee, it's Media Masters Training, and it's very special and so far, we can say we are very happy to be part of it.

We, as the ladies of MMT Batch 2 GroupM create this 'journal of joy' with hope that you will interested or at least entertained with the stories of us.

Enjoy :)


Agent FA
MMT Batch 2 GroupM

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