Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ping Pong Time

You probably already know Ping Pong, or commonly known as table tennis!

Yes, we have a ping pong table in the 22nd floor of our company, GroupM. Soon, some of our friends in MMT Batch 2 GroupM already got into the game. It's very tempting!

MMT Batch 2 GroupM - Ping Pong Time

Sounds fun, right? Yeah... usually these friends of ours play this game after class ended at 5 PM. And sometimes they have match with people from the agencies of GroupM (another advantage that we able to interact with the employees here).

Now there is no reason to get bored, if you feel so hard to go home immediately, looking for something to do before you got off the office, then this Ping Pong is maybe one of the best to answer it!


Agent FA
MMT Batch 2 GroupM

P.s. Some of our relatives were asking about how come our office have a ping pong table, they're asking questions like 'How come?' or 'What kind of office it is?' *LOL* no wonder they're confused, but hey, you know that our company is part of advertising industry, right? And all about the industry we know is FUN :)

Work hard, play hard, everyone! Cheers


  1. Well, I work in a Premium Margarine Manufacturing. And we have a ping pong table too, then fitness center soon. Hahahaa.. "Work hard, play harder, everyone!" \M/

  2. Good for you!Planning to reduce some weight, eh?;p

  3. I would love to join your pingpong game! :D