Thursday, May 17, 2012

After office hour

Hello beloved readers!

Back with me agent M from MMT Batch 2 GroupM, now i want to share with you guys about after office hour activities. After office activities is basically anything that you do after work. Even just hanging out with colleagues, have dinner with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or gossip time at coffee shop near office. For first jobbers like we are, we have had plenty of times after office hour to go here and there. From catching movies schedule at cinema near office, playing ping pong, to exploring new culinary spots somewhere in Jakarta.
After office hour activity is always fun, refreshing and exciting for us. Whether it's important or not, as long as we enjoy it, then it doesn't matter.

For almost two months I have joined MMT Batch 2 GroupM, we do lots of things together after work. Usually we don't have to plan and arrange it beforehand. We almost always go out impulsively. Why do after office hour activities become important? The ultimate reason is because it's fun and releasing stress. For media master, though we're not that stressful since we don't meet deadlines and real jobs yet but sitting and learning all day long could be tiring too. So, we use our precious time that is after office hour to have fun and socialize. Besides, in Jakarta where traffic jam kills us all, why don't we hang out while waiting for traffic jam? It's one way to avoid another stressful times after work.

If you feel lazy to explore new things and places far from your office, you just could find nearest hang out spots near your office. Like mine, there are few spots in Kuningan area like Setiabudi, Pasar Festival, Kuningan City, etc. We could just eat, drink, watch cinemas, play, and chit-chat. Just as simple as that. With friends to share with, everything becomes more fun and relaxing. As a quote says "Time you enjoy doing is not wasted", after office hours activities are not wasted time at all because we enjoy it!
So, where will you go after office hour tomorrow?


Agent M
MMT Batch 2 GroupM

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