Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to manage partnership (in your office)

Have you ever heard a saying, “There will always be a first time of anything”. Let’s say, the first time you ride your own bike or the first time you peel a mango! Every single time of the “first time” maybe will make you uncomfortable, nervous, scared, excited, and so on.  It happens too in every field of your life. At the first time you went to school, you’d find yourselves dragging your moms to stay with you, in class! The first time you fell in love wiht your collegemate, you’d find that he/she was the most fantabulous human in this world that made you screamed in your throat when he was passing our class. Hah! Admit it! Well, it supposed to be happened in your first your new office as a first jober. Check it out..

Ah, I’m not an expert in giving advices. However, I’ve found an interesting lines from
(at your first time in your office) ..... the panic begins. "Oh my gosh, what if I can't do the job?" feeling. You start to get nervous about your new responsibilities, the new corporate culture, and the new people with whom you'll be working."

First, did you do this at your first time in an office: being ‘over’ nice to everyone that push yourselves to say hello to everyone; act, react, and think like “if I walk confidently, I’d get some enemies”; when you find ONE old friend around, it feels like you find heaven; when you’re recruited at the same time with your collegemates, you’ll stick around with them..every time (eventhough you make friends with others too), any many cases.

May I call those situations as first jober symptoms? Perhaps. Old saying, don’t be affraid of tomorrow! So, do your best in “today” . This writing just a beginning of this topic, the next topic will talk about how to build a good partnership among friends in MMT Batch 2 GroupM and between friends and senior. Please keep your eyes on my next writing. Tschuss! :)


Agent Pam
MMT Batch 2 GroupM