Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Maintain Good Partnership in Your Office (part 2)

Continuing my previous topic. I have written about the so-called “newbie symptoms” in your new office. Being “over” nice and other behaviours may be appeared. However, have you ever felt that those feelings and behaviours sometimes turn you to be “the other you”. Well, it’s kinda fine thing if you want to keep your good image. Really, nothing wrong with it. But, don’t you think it’s going to be a problem if you lose yourselves? Getting confused with what I’ve written here?
Dear MMT Batch 2 GroupM, read it carefully..

MMT Batch 2 GroupM
MMT Batch 2 GroupM - How To Maintain Good Partnership
The first point, just be you! Second, behave based on the systems you’re in. Let’s say, in the morning you are at home as the last child, you wanna be spoilt? It’s up to you! Just your parents know it. And then you’re out of home in the afternoon. You go to a class in you college. You want to act the way you behave at home? You’re friends may be upset. You better act as a college student; being stupid, live, learn, make a joke, get hurt, fall in love, etc. The next few years, you come into the real world (that’s what people call a word “working”). You can’t behave as a spoilt kid, behave as an adult. You may face different kind of people; kindhearted, stubborn, badass, patient, short tempered, and so on!

One key to safe all situations, be nice and everyone. Not only those who are nice to you. In this kind of world, be wise. Wise in being nice to everyone and behave sincerely (trust me, other people can feel whether you’re sincere or not). Please be noted that not everyone understand your behaviour towards them. Some of them may be as sincere as you, while the others not. Some people may think that you’re just looking for attention or building up a new image of you. Don’t think about it too far. Just keep simple, be humble, be nice, respect others, and keep learning on everything from everyone. Work place is the hardest battle field! You may fight with your juniors, seniors, direction board, working partners, office helpers, even security.. Please don’t ever think that you’re the best. You may get hurt. Let’s other people judge it for you! Keep learning, working, and respecting each other.

I, randomly, ask some of my friends about how they behave. Check them out J
1. Ask for a help when you need it, and start it by saying “Please......” and end it with “Thanks...”

2. All things may be heard (of course, you have a pair of ears!), but NOT all things should be listened.

3. Stop gossiping about bad things of your co-workers. Remember, even a wall has ears. Hahaha!

4. This is real world, senior is senior. They love to be asked. Sometimes, ask them to go out for lunch. Remember, ask it sincerely..not because of looking for attention.

5. Greet someone’s birthday!! ^_^

6. Don’t brag about your achievements and capabilities

7. Be honest when you’re making mistake

8. There’s no stupid question. Ask when you’re lost

Those are some points, any more points? Comments are welcome J


Agent Pam

MMT Batch 2 GroupM