Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding Your Own Way

In a time, you may find your self as an attractive, friendly, thoughtful, or even an ignorant, impatient and high-tempered person. The other time (exclude your temporary emotional expressions), in your interaction with your buddies, you may find you are on the opposite of your personality. The result, you get pissed off, lost your mind, or questioning. What are you questioning about? Yourself and about your way to live your life lively. So, how to start all of things?

1.   Be a friend to yourself
Nobody’s perfect, note that. Despite your physically shortcomings, you’re that so-called perfect by your Creator. Thus, you have to respect yourself including your good personality. Find your comfort zone to treat people (just be noted that it should be your good personality). What is comfort zone? Perhaps it’s not that common comfort zone you’ve ever heard. It’s a zone where you find peace in your heart when you treat people that way. Just in my opinion, when you treat someone superb nicely, point back to your self...do you feel happy? Or it’s just a camouflage to masquerade the real you? It’s sharply noted, in a movie called Kungfu Panda, find your inner peace J Be the real friend to yourself. Love yourselves, with all of the pluses and minuses in your life, and be grateful.

2.   Don’t talk when you’re angry. Don’t make decision when you’re happy.
Those are really true. The aformentioned sentences are the most dangerous behaviours of one’s atittude. You may lost your mind or lost your temper to think properly. So many things may affect your brains. I think, this is the time when a saying is applicable; silence is golden. Don’t talk when you’re angry and it’ll make others upset. You may hurt others’ feelings, make wrong decisions, or make impulsive attitudes.

3.   Me-time is a must
You find yourselves drown in a very hectic situation where you need to do too many things in one time. Too many things to do but too little time you have. What’s more, you get too much pressure in everywhere you are, you burden so many responsibilities. This is one principal that I tend to keep on in my life; “Just remember, in which systems are you in?” If you remember my previous post, I’ve talked about the systems of your life that you’re in. As a woman, you can be a daughter, a little girl, doctor, a mom, a girlfriend, a bank officer, or even a soldier. As a man, you can be a banker, a director, a lecturer, or even a chef. See? As there are too many systems you’re in, you need to adapt yourselves to those situations which push you to behave and act as the systems required you to be. However, you need your me-time. A certain time when you need a slot of time to reflect who are the real you. To have rest from all things you’ve already involved in. To refresh your mind from, both good and bad, influencing things.

4.   Sleep enough and be friends to your friends
Are you getting confused? Yes, it’s said that when you get enough sleep, you’ll find your brain fresher than before. You can think about many things better, giving suggestion better, delivering speech or talk better. Even you can find yourselves better after crying the whole night when you’ve taken a nap. Be the real friends to your friends. Help them when they need it. Give your shoulders as their place to cry on. Give advice when they need it. Silent when they need somebody to listen to them. And, you can be upset to them when they let you down or pissed you off. In short, when they let you down or piss you off, shout to them, angry to them, like you do to your little brother or sister.

5.   Drop yourselves in strangers
Have you ever tried to go out for lunch or dinner by yourselves and have personal interaction within yourself? Let’s say in McDonald; a place where most of the people are having meals with their friends/families. I give you a real case. I often go to a resto, with only my lappy and cellphone as companions. Order drinks or foods, and then enjoy my time. Don’t care whether man people look around me, and don’t care bout what are they thinking about. Instead, you can take a look at many people with their characteristics. It’s kinda fun that other people are the mirror of ourselves. So, when you look at them, pay attention to their behaviours. Find out, what are the things you like and dislike about them? And, are you brave enough to tell to your soul that “that attitude which I don’t like most is...what i have done to others”

You live WITH many cultures, but you can live IN your own culture.
You live WITH many life principals, but you can live IN your life principals.
You live WITH many thoughts, but you can BEHAVE WITH your own thoughts.

Agent Pam

MMT Batch 2 GroupM


  1. iyaaa, harus think positif dan act yang positif juga..