Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Healthy is Happy

Hello there!

Quite a long time since my last post, back with me..Agent M from MMT Batch 2 GroupM. How's your weekend by the way? Splendid, i guess! Weekend always goes sooner than we hope, doesn't it?
Are your body relaxed enough to face tomorrow? Are your mind clear enough to go on those usual deadlines?
If it does not, well...i have some tips for you to feel better and of course healthier.

Doing office tasks and catching deadlines might be such a pain for some of us..everyday our energy wasted to keep up with office stuff..too many hours spend to think...too much energy we spend on office routinity...our body need to be energized, stabilized, and restored. One of so many ways to be healthy for office workers like us is go to the gym!

Nowadays, going to gym becomes a preference to do sports for office workers. It's because of time efficiency and full facility. Besides, you could manage your own time to take classes and using sport equipments. If you need to be assisted during your training session, you could use personal trainer to guide you reach your personal healthy goals. But, if you want to be free to manage your training session, you could go by yourself and feel free to take any classes you like. 

Going to gym has been a lifestyle for some people, especially in big cities like Jakarta. Since we're too busy to do jogging and ride bicycles by ourselves, going to gym is quickest way to be healthy. There are lots of alternatives if we're talking about gym in Jakarta like Celebrity Fitness, Gold's gym, Fitness First, Fit and chic, Atlantic Fitness,etc. The most popular ones are Celebritiy Fitness, Gold's gym and Fitness First. Each of them has special benefits and the locations are usually in strategic spot, like in the malls.

In my experience, to balance work life and gym life isn't hard to do. Let's say, your office hours is between 8 am to 5pm then you gotta find gym near your workplace or house, depends on your convenience, then straight to the gym and burn some calories there. If you want to hit the gym on weekends, maybe the best decision is find gym near your home, but if you want to go on weekdays, it's better to find gym near your office. Both have its own benefits, the other thing to be considered is about membership package, class and facility, gym environment, and easiness to find transportation. 

For membership information, each of gym has its own rule and package. Try to find promo packages for gym membership, it could gives you extra benefits in terms of price. For payment, usually it requires you to pay with credit card but you could consult with marketing staff if you want to pay with cash or debit card. So, are you interested to hit the gym and kick some ass? I suggest you to go on free trial program first before you actually join the club because it could gives you training experience and clearer view about club you're going to join in. Usually, when you decide to join a gym, you should also know that there is membership contract to be a member for several months or a year. Therefore you should commit it to yourself that you're going to do that for at least those several months or a year. 

MMT Batch 2 GroupM
MMT Batch 2 GroupM - Healthy Is Happy

Different gym clubs offer different facilities and classes. Of course, they have their own target market and it's suited to member's needs. But basically, there are facilities that a gym must have which are treadmill, bicycle, muscle builder, and aerobic class. For advanced class, most gym in Jakarta have RPM, body combat, body pump, and yoga. There are also dance class like belly dance, salsa, hip hop, and even sexy dance class. Isn't it fun?

Being healthy is basically one way to be happy. If you already feel good with your body, suddenly your heart will be happy. but if you feel tired and sick, your days become very vulnerable and sad. Have you ever experience those days? So, let's hit the gym and be healthy because healthy is simply happy!


Agent M
MMT Batch 2 GroupM


  1. udah..sepedaan tiap hari ke kantor udah cukup..

  2. Gw suka nya kalau pagi bisa lari di monas atau senayan, murah meriah, fun dan sehat :D