Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New job opportunities for 2012 Fresh Grads

Hello fresh grads!

This is me, Agent M's speaking! From deepest of my heart, i want to say happy sunday for all of you and may you have a nice weekend cause it always goes faster than we think. On a lovely sunday morning like today, I wanna share about new opportunities out there that might be you're looking for. For 2012 fresh grads, congratulations for finishing your bachelor study and get your degree. You might be want to rest a little bit and travel around the city or abroad after painful yet funniest years in your life that was college life. Travelling is always a good idea for myself though. Feels like wanna go to the beach, then go ahead. Have a summer fling once at a time to recharge your mind after graduate would be nice,isn't it? Or..if you're busy-bee one that already have a long term vision in your life, you might already have business plan that's waiting to be done. But if you want to start a fabulous career in big company, take your first step by becoming management trainee is a nice choice too.Whatever it is, i'm sure that you're doing your passion to achieve your vision. 
GroupM Interaction Indonesia
GroupM Interaction Indonesia
Here, i want to share something that a little bit different and new for some of you. From what i got after sessions with GroupM Interaction Indonesia, it opened my eyes to know that digital is everywhere and we consume it everyday in our life. We can't live without our mobile phones and internet connection. When internet connection and mobile phone's signal are low, we curse providers to death. We share to the world what we're doing, where we are, and who we are on social media. We rely on google for everything that we want to know and search. We don't send letters anymore, instead we do emails, chats, video conference, instant messaging, etc. We can't imagine how desperate our life would be without internet. These facts show us that there are new opportunities for us to do something with digital, including new job opportunities.

By new job opportunities, i mean that it's a fantastic time where you could spend your times doing what you love that is digital while earning money. As Y generation like us, we are digital natives. We don't have to adapt and learn all over again cause well..yeah i could say that it's in our blood. So, i think that it's easier for our generation to dig in this new "green field" and consider it as your career. Well...these are some job opportunities that requires digital skills and luckily, you could learn it by autodidact..

1. Social Media Marketer
Your job's basically make social media campaign for brands by using social media like Facebook, Twitter,
etc. You have to optimize the using of social media for the sake of your brand and maintain daily activities
with your audience ( followers/friends/fans )  to keep the interactivity and excitement

2. Search Engine Optimizer
You will deal with search engine like Google and Bing, using search engines to make your website at the   top of search when people search for products, brands, or anything that relates to brands. From previous post,we already talk about search engine, so if you want to know more you could see our previous post. You could work on search engine optimization and also search engine marketing. The difference is search engine marketing (SEM) is paid while search engine optimization is free.

3. Web Content Editor
If you are into digital and like writing, you probably will like this job. Web content editor have to write and maintain content in digital platform. Because digital enables us to interact with each other, so web content editor is needed to create engaging content to make the brand stands out.

4.  Games and apps developer
Games and apps developer main job is to create games and applications for digital platform. Many brands need customized games and application to support their communication and business needs. This job requires ability and understanding in computer programming.

So..that's several jobs that could be new opportunities for you, 2012 fresh grads. Not only promising, but these jobs are kinda fun, dynamic and challenging for you to explore. If you want to know deeper about those jobs, you could read our previous posts about digital. GroupM Interaction Indonesia as one established digital agency might have some vacancies for you too! So, congratulations 2012 Fresh Grads! May you choose best job for yourself to start fabulous career!


Agent M
MMT Batch 2 GroupM


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