Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introduction of GroupM Interaction Indonesia

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As you all know, we are the trainee in MMT Batch 2 GroupM. We have inform you about digital and its use for building a brand. Due to the fast movement in digital, advertisement has using this platform (read: Digital adalah Platform) as another way to put their medium.  Here in GroupM Indonesia, there is special agency named GroupM Interaction Indonesia. This agency specialized on digital. If you happened to read our previous post entitled ‘New Job Opportunities’, you might aware of some works behind the digital world you never knew existed.

Let’s just say in search engine, there’s a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). These people help the company’s website in the top of certain keywords. For an instance, if Lifebuoy wants their site to be on top of the list when people types ‘soap’ in search engine. In GroupM Interaction Indonesia, they are placed in ‘Search Division’, where they also have many divisions such as content to work on the content of the site.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is just slightly different with SEO. SEO depends on how the people works on the content so it took longer time to reach the first position, while SEM cost you more money, but the search engine has give them special place on top, with ‘Sponsor Ads’ as remarks.  SEM also need maintenance, though it’s not as hard as SEO.

Another division called ‘Social Media Marketing’. If you are the user of any kind social media, you might well aware about this job. In twitter, there are certain people called ‘celeb-tweet’—people whose been followed by a large number of people. They could be a real superstar, or just a common citizen whose happened to have the ability to attract people by words. Brands often ‘hire’ these people as an endorser for their campaign. This usually give a good impact rather than just having a brand twitter account and ask people to follow through TVC or billboard. The last but not least, GroupM Interaction Indonesia also provides you with another services such as analytics, communication and media strategy. Do visit for further information in digital marketing solution.


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