Friday, May 18, 2012

Overcome your fear of being a newbie

Hello mates!

It's me agent M want to share with you guys about being a newbie in office. I'm  also a newbie in MMT Batch 2 GroupM. Entering new environment could be tricky and scary for some people. Maybe you get nervous because you have to meet your new killer boss and mingle with co workers. As first jobbers, it's a common thing to be scared and anxious. Being a newbie means you have to be nice and make friends with strangers. Some people feel uncomfortable about that because we used to hang out with our peer groups back then when we were in school. We don't get used to open ourselves to other people. Of course it's easier if our new co workers are in the same age as you, but if it does not you don't have to worry that much because if you could suit yourselves and being adaptable, you could fit in any environment. In MMT Batch 2 GroupM, though our age are quite close, but all the trainee comes from different background and have different personalities. So I'm going to give you some tips on how surviving the new environment.

Firstly, you have to be the "it girl/guy".You have to maintain good relationship with all of your co workers. Put aside your habit to make friends only with your peer group but be nice to everyone in office including office boy and security staff. Second, you have to obey office rules. By being discipline does not make any harms at all, instead it's good for your career path. Third, be humble and curious about everything. Since you're the new kid here, you have to move on from your previous success stories in college and make yourself a half glass full. Realize that you are starting from zero and about to learn more and more. Ask about anything since there's no stupid questions. If you hesitate and loose your chance to know and dig deeper, maybe you could loose once in a lifetime learning experience. Every minute counting is precious moment to study, explore, and open your mind. 

Last tips from me is be fun, young and lovable. Imagine you're a magnet and everyone around you is attracted to you. With lovely personality, it isn't hard to make new friends. Never ever eat alone in office cafe, try to loosen up a little bit and make a casual conversation with others. As you know people in your office better, as well they will know you deeper and friendship will comes naturally. And of course, for the sake of your job performance in office, always try to do your job beyond expectation so that your ideas and works could answer, help, and give solutions to your company. So, don't be scared if you are about to enter office world. Being a newbie will be fun as long as you could carry yourself right :)


Agent M
MMT Batch 2 GroupM

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